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KENCARE is a subsidiary of Kenmar International.

When the terrible Corona crisis erupted, we at Kenmar were almost overwhelmed with inquiries from our customers and their customers to try to obtain protective equipment, since the government, as you probably know, had great difficulty in meeting demand. Therefore, at Kencare, we immediately started contacting our extensive network of factories and trading partners, which we have built up over the past 33 years.

In a very short time, we had a detailed picture of what we could produce ourselves and what we would let others acquire.

At KENCARE, we only do what we are really good at, and this has resulted in this new product line, which you can find here on the site.


New products are constantly being added, so follow along here or sign up for our newsletter and log in if necessary on "The Kencare Girl" 's Instagram profile and follow her and read about her amazing journey from a village in Vietnam to where she is today. Watch the video on how "The Kencare Girl" looks after herself in everyday life by using our products.


A Day in the Life of

the Kencare Girl  

The following products were featured in this video: UV disinfecting charging station, disinfecting wipes, pocket hand sanitiser, and hand sanitizer dispenser on stand. Read more about our products here


Kencare projects are in development and we will inform you soon.

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